The UUM Videos are finally all UP on YouTube!

Yes! Finally the videos are up on YouTube, it was up on my Facebook fast but YouTube was quite a killer! =p 

All 3 of the videos. Hate me for loving my performances if you may, but it was by far the best!! =) And it makes me realize that once a singer, always a singer. You can never seem to let it go.

Video 1 - Seindah Biasa

Melia and I were so freaked out with this song especially because we had to have a surprise act kinda thing, at the same time the lyrics were not hitting our heads and all, but we were both very happy in deed that we managed to pull it off somehow.

Video 2 - Mooncake Festival in UUM

The finale was the grandest of all grandest one ever! Lion troupes, indian and malay traditional dancers. And the drama team. Man it was all great! The whole performance was so worth it if it wasn't for the audience! They were insanely amazing!!

Video 3 - Thank You All! =')

Special Shoutout to all UUM people who were there for the mooncake festival. =)

~* Clare Chiara *~