Voicing Out for the Raped.

I realized that in so many celebrity blogs, so many famous blogs no one has ever raised an issue for the once who suffer in silence.

Few days ago a girlfriend approached me, she was having a hard time explaining to me how hard her life was. Till I heard the word 'Rape'. One of my closest friends was raped. It wasn't something good to hear, neither was it something so joyful to hear. And I am not posting this blog to blackmail her, she knows that I am posting this. Sometimes for a rape victim, those words are always hard to come out, and they will keep their stories till later on. But as time goes by for a person to heal the pain of being rape.. It's torture. Trust me, I was once a rape victim. That's why I think it's a must I voice out.

Now, I hope that all readers who are reading my blog will understand that I am doing this to make men stop such a sick and abuse women. 

Women have the rights to say yes or no to sex. And when a women says No to sex, stay away because rape is just not much of a big help! And to all women who have been raped, it's not the end of the world. You have to stand up though it would take time.. But stand up for yourself. For your dignity! Those cowards will one day regret the disgusting dreadful life they live in.

Below are something that I hope would help you out with it to all rape victims, friends of raped friends or family. I hope it helps.

Rape Victims.
1. Calm down and find the best way to run away!
2. Contact your loved ones or family or someone who could help you.
3. Take time to calm yourself down and talk to someone you could really trust.
4. MOST IMPORTANT DO NOT WASH YOURSELF! Because you need all the dirt on you for the police as prove.

5. Take a shower after all the check up.
6. Sit down and talk to someone you could trust.
7. Talk about it, no matter how hard it is.. You need to nail that guy.
8. Know that it's not the end of the world for a rape victim.

Friends or Family of the Raped Victim.
1. DO NOT ACCUSE THE victim of her wearing.
2. DO NOT SHOUT at the victim.
3. Give as much support as you can.
4. Calmly bring her to the police they would need all those evidence they can get.
5. Mostly, please be there for her when she needs you most.

Dear readers, I hope that someway or other we all could understand how a rape victim would feel. Sometimes, it's never easy for someone go through so much torture so much pain and sometimes, it's hard for a person to voice out. 

Here in the world there are over a million cases of rape, all were being ignored. All were being pushed aside because to the authority 'what is done, is done' but they never realize the impact of it. In silent, a rape victim tries to move away from her 'history' and move on but it would take time to change. And sometimes, just being able to talk it out and have someone to hear you means way much.

For once to all rape women, stand up for yourself and show the world it's not the end!

~* Clare Chiara *~