The Strength to Tell Him 'Let Go'

Dear God,

Maybe it's hard for him to go through so much pain, we don't know because he can't talk. Or tell us how he feels. Or what he is hanging on too. But I think Grandpa has gone through so much pain.. please take him and take away his pain.

It's hard for us to see him suffer. His lost enough blood and to find replacement is hard for us because none of our blood could save him. It may be hard for us to let him go, but we are trying. It maybe hard for us to plan his funeral but we know at some point, heaven is his home.

It was so hard for me yesterday to whisper in his ears and tell him to let go. So hard for me to tell him how much he means to me. It was so painful but I had too.. I know he was suffering so much and it was better to tell him 'let go'.

I am glad that I get to be by his side. But I know his time is drawing closer. Even the doctor says so. So God, if your really hearing my prayer or reading my blog.. Please please please.. Just take him. His suffered enough.

~* Clare Chiara *~