3rd Tattoo - A Dedication to Ah Ma and Mommy!!

I finally got my 3rd tattoo done this year. Looks like getting a tattoo once a year is turning into a habit now.. =p Unfortunately the tattoo is not fully done because I just could not bare the pain.. It was insane! I swear I could have fainted! But I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my latest tattoo.

I know I have always stressed others that when you want to get a tattoo you must make sure you get the right one. Get something meaningful. Anyways, my 3rd tattoo is a dedication to my mom and grandmother. Ah Ma's name is Rosa which means Rose (anyways), Mom's confirmation name was Rose. So I decided to get 2 roses on my calve. Ah Ma is represented as the wise and older rose so you can see her name there, and mommy is still blooming with beauty.. Her name is there too..

The tattoo is beautiful as it is now, but I totally cannot wait until the end of it! Which would be done end of this month! So totally looking forward to it!! And dealing with the pain.. Oh please let it be less painful.. 

But for now, can't help but wear dresses and shorts to show em off.. =p

~* Clare Chiara *~