The Big Move!

*Phew* From December till today. I can officially say I am sick and tired of MOVING! From my own house comfort zone to the office. *phew* It's a workout I tell you! It's a crazy work out!

But quite honestly I'm glad that it's all over and we are slowly settling down bit by bit. Taking a step at a time. I've settled down at home now, even did a photo shoot there with Zed already. Awaiting Al Hambra's turn.

I love how Zed grows in photography, and I love how in each picture he manages to pull some of my 'quotes' somehow. *touched* So below is one of the pictures he took and of course, most of the pictures were all candid shots. But I adore it. =)

Anyway, as I sit down and settle down in the new office. It's a new place and needs time to adjust and time to get used to the new surroundings. New changes. Funny how each year there holds a new story and a new journey.

Anyway, how is everybody's new year so far? =)

~* Clare Chiara *~