Give me a New Place and I'm a happy Child!

I've finally decided to take nice shots of the new place. And trust me it was hard! =p

Of course, there are some more shots, like the pool and all. Just didn't have time to take pictures of that 'YET'. I'm busy. =p

This is the bedroom, BIG MIRROR. A plus point to check our morning looks before we head off to work. Comfortable place to rest our heads.

This is the hall. The scene is B.E.A.Utiful! We can see Gardens International School right outside. Astro better be functioning when I get back today!! *argh*

Now everything is close by, it's a small place perfect for just HIM and me. =) The kitchen is amazing, small and comfortable, the washing is hidden and behind that big glass of mirror again, is my study area. =)

And really this is the view of the whole small little comfort zone. =) And it's superbly perfect!

The boyfriend made my day the other day. Was having a tough time dealing with food poisoning and all. It was insane! So he bought me ED HARDY! =) So totally thrilled to have it. Now, just pray that I get the Ed Hardy iPhone covers, the Ed Hardy handbags and I'll be the happiest person in the world. =)

For now, still focused on work. Focus.. Focus. I miss my bestie and brothers. Everybody seems to be busy doing something these days. *sigh* Life goes on..

~* Clare Chiara *~