I've Moved!! And you really HAVE TO SEE MY PLACE!!

*yawn* I'm so sleepy. Slept early last night, but still am dead tired.. *Yawnz* Which reminds me.. 

At the same time, remember I did mention in my previous blog that I'm giving away my Archie comic books? I know I'm 24 years old this year, why am I still reading comics especially Archie comic books.. Well SCREW YOU guys I'm going to collect as much as I can still!! =p So I'm NOT giving away what I collected so far. (Which already does look something like that, but not as bad.. Heading there.)

The hassle with my clothes! *phew* Mom sent me an sms saying she wants my clothes so did Melia at 2am!!!! Then came the facebook! *Wow!* Amelia really wants my clothes huh?? *winkz* My clothes very nice meh??

Now am arguing with the boyfriend if I should give away my teddies.. Told you I'm still young at heart. =) Wait la, give me 2 more days or 1 more week I might feel older due to the insane work now. *sigh* Once again, the madness officially begins. But do allow me to say one thing.

'I hate people who complain they have too much to do.'

It's like as if the whole world have to revolve around them, when they can't work they just tell you 'I can't'. It's like they might die or something?! Less of that..

I've finally gotten the place to my new dream place! Ladies and gentlemen I'm pleased to officially say that we have ALREADY MOVED IN to..... VERVE SUITES in Mount Kiara!! It's such a dream come true!! =) 

It's a small place, just for the 2 of us. But it's good enough and it feels like heaven! Below is the picture of how our place looks like. (Picture is from their website, but our place looks exactly like that!!)

So the next few days it shall be days of unpacking and packing. *phew* And let's hope that this year.. I am able to loose more pounds and get back to the size I once was.. =)

~* Clare Chiara *~