When Aussie comes back to MOTHERLAND.

ALISTAIR IS BACK! *screams out loud* It's so good to see him again, after being away for almost a year now.

Yesterday was awesome!! =) Brings back good freaking memories balls! I never realized how much I missed the gang till last night. It was insane! I missed the boys. =( It was a night of memories honestly, a trip to Idaman for our usual TOM YAM. Then it was beer night for us at Hot Piper in Sunway.

Funny how much things have changed after just 1 year. A lot has happened, a lot is happening and a lot has definetly changed. MELISSA IS A EXPECTING! That was really an exciting news!

Oh and did I mention. I got tanned again due to an outdoor shoot. And lately been exercising a lot. I need to look good in 'that' gown somehow. =) And the worst of all, everybody keeps saying when I get tanned I have a certain 'glow'. WTF Glow are you people talking about ler??!! *ish* Time is crazy! It goes too fast!! Slow down and let me enjoy the fact that Alistair is back for now.. PLEASE!

~* Clare Chiara *~