Life as a Casting Director.

There's a b***h trying to be me. *ugh* And she thinks she's all that! *pfft*

I'm sleep and drowsy at this time. Don't ask me why. I just am. Didn't have much hours of sleep last night and I've got a whole 3 days of upcoming shoot. This is going to be a killer! It's the passion for film industry that drives me insane.

Well there's always ups and downs in terms of jobs. But I'm honestly quite liking mine so far. (Minus the pain in the ass people I face EVERYDAY!) Funny part was the other day, one of these talents that I was working with actually said. "Wow! Your really bubbly for a casting director." I was confused at one point. I mean, are all the casting directors out there that much of a snob?

I honestly don't think that we should be a snob to others sometimes. No matter how great of a person we are. I mean, there are times we need to rely on each others in terms of work.

Well whatever it is.

This year is going to be such a hectic year! Loads to prepare and loads to plan! Not including the work. *sigh* But I'm pretty much looking forward to this year. =) A surprise will be around the corner soon. I promise. =) Officially I have 10 months now. Till the big surprise comes.

~* Clare Chiara *~