Blog 900 - I Envy You!

I Envy You - Written by: Liam Nuttell

I envy all of you people who could club at night and spend unnecessary money on alcohol.
I envy how buying new clothes would not seem to matter to you, that your parents are working as hard as they can to just feed the stomach of their ungrateful child.
I envy how others can enjoy their full life without realizing how much pain and suffering others are going through.
What is wrong with your little minds?

I envy how you spoilt little brats rely on your parents to survive.
I envy how you rich ones ruin others life.
I envy how wrong your parents are teaching you, yet you think you own the world.
I envy how you live in a society that is full of ego, that you think your a star.

Have you ever saw slaves?
Have you ever saw workers working 2 jobs in a row, just to feed their little ones?
Have you ever seen how hard your parents work just to buy that dress you desperately want?
Or that car you think is cool?

You spoiled little brats,
What would you know.
All you know is to ask for more,
All you know is to use them all.
Money grows on trees and you don't care..

Your not worried about your future, but worried how others will see you in future.
Your not worried about life, but worry not to look like your grandparents when your older.
Your not worried about you, but your ego as a wannabe.

You sad spoilt brat.

I envy you.
But then,
I'm grateful
That I became someone better than you.
Look at you now..
Sitting outside my office expecting me to give you a job.

Look who is the boss now.
Now.. do you envy me?
That I live in a Big Mansion which I own?
Do you envy me?
That I drive a car, that your pockets cannot afford.
Do you envy me?
That all the clothes I wear now, is better than yours?

Look here you spoilt one.
I earned it.

And after seeing things from your side.
I'm not that envious of you anymore.
You Envy Me.

Liam Nuttell

~* Clare Chiara *~