Bollywood Party!

It was a typical traditional indian day for me somehow. =p Badrish and Badrika (both talents whom I've worked with in many shoots) threw a bollywood themed birthday bash. It was by far the most interesting party ever and the kiddie party was filled with laughter, fun, gifts and love.

We were all dressed in indian costumes. Sarees and Punjabi suits were all everywhere.. Trish, me and the LOVER attended the very special occasion and were very honored to even be invited for such a lovely event.

Trish was all dressed in a beautiful turquoise colored saree Modern version of course. (Note to self: Look for Trish when need to tie sarree. =p)

She was pretty happy that she got to bring back her childhood for some time being, tying balloons to my chair in hopes that I could be Kevin from the movie 'UP'. But honestly, she looked so so so pretty in the saree! =)

I was trying to take a nice picture with the LOVER, but he wouldn't smile for me. Trish had to make a joke, I had to maintain my pose to finally get a nice picture of him smiling. =)

The party pack was unique. There was a peacock feather and a handbag holder for the females. =) There were party hats too!! And it was oh so cute! Really felt like a 9 year old running around in the body of a 20 over year old person. =(

So a big shout out of thanks to Badrish and Badrika for inviting us! We had so much fun and you kids were the cutest ever! Badrish your Beat it performance was AMAZING and beyond words. Badrika your dance performance was so brilliant, you looked so graceful on stage! I LOVED IT! Hope the both of you had a brilliant birthday!!

~* Clare Chiara *~