Bridal Dress

I realize it's not easy to find wedding gowns my size in Malaysia. *argh* I might have to tailor make I'm just not sure yet. But loving some gowns that I tried on still.. LOOKING FOR A TAILOR if any of you know some.. *TeeHee* I have finally gotten the church confirmed and the date confirmed. *PLUS POINT* Because for people like me it is not easy to even get that done.

Then mom took me dress hunting which was insane!! I hate trying on gowns honestly and it was such a nightmare to try on dress after dress. But there was 2 that I felt in love with, but think there is more that could do better than this certain store.

This was my first try. Looks weird don't it? The simplicity is there and i love how it hide the tummy but it makes my hips look big. If they could fit it to A-lined dress it would be fine, but this just looked weird. Aunt Joyce said it was Elegant, so did mom.. But not liking it somehow would really look weird on pictures won't it??

Looked through a lot more and found this. I know I have mentioned before that I do not want a poofy, cupcake gown but something simple. But looks like it's the poofy ones that suits me best and I'm kinda liking it. *Somehow* The lover says it's lovely now just need to get my stylist to sort out her dates and get back to me when she could bring me for fitting. Cause making a gown like that is soooooooo not easy.

Obviously I am not wearing this for my wedding thus me daring to post this pictures on my blog. Do give me suggestions on what I should wear and all cause am having a major dilemma!

~* Clare Chiara *~