I'm a MAMA!! =)

I'm officially a mother!!

Before you all get excited, allow me to finish what I was about to say. No I am not pregnant, neither did I conceive a child. Just that Pat and I got ourselves a new puppy. =) It's a He of course and his name is DUKE. Yes, duke. Not Duke highway, just duke. His a Great Dane. And I believe many of you know that Great Danes are not some toy poodle or some tea cup poodle or what so ever. I don't really like small dogs, too bimbo for me.

Anyways, back to Danes. This is how a puppy would look like.

Don't let the looks deceive you. This puppy ain't that cheap and easy to look after. They do their business a lot and they eat more than you think! It's insane! But then again, it's the love and affection they give you after. Well this is what Duke would look like soon, his harlequin grey and pretty rare. =)

Couldn't get a proper picture of him because he was busy running up and down. So this was all I could snap of Duke. Promise to get some more soon.

Remember a puppy is always cute, but make sure you get the right dog to take care of because dogs are living things. They deserve to be treated with respect and given a lot of love and attention.

Well as many of you know I already am taking care of 2 Great Danes. Camo and Pumpkin. I now have 1 more DUKE and his mama's little boy! =p There is a reason why Danes are given the tittle GREAT. Look at their sizes, do not expect them to be as big as a labrador or a golden retriever. They are huge!! And they eat more than you or me!! And can even weigh more than you or me!!!

Below is a picture of Camo and the LOVER. That's how big he is now. =')

And when Camo stands up his taller than Pat! Imagine that! And his paw, when he steps on my toes it's intense pain I tell you! And when his tail wags and hits your thighs it's like getting whipped. Ha ha ha.. ^.^

I somehow am not that kind of girl who likes small dogs that I could carry around, I prefer big dogs where your small dogs feel intimidated when they see your dogs. =p I can't wait to see DUKE grow up and this is how he will look like in about a year more.

Oh I just can't wait!!! *excited*

~* Clare Chiara *~