Killer Whale Kills!!

So I don't know if any of you found out that in Sea World (Orlando, Florida) a trainer was drowned. And the murderer was a Killer Whale.

Now here's the thing that I really don't get. If Seaworld is about rescuing animals and teaching the public about all this beautiful sea creatures. Shouldn't they set them free? It pisses me off that recreation spots are all coming up with different ideas of 'saving' endangered species. It's sick! And to keep them in such small tanks! It may be big to us mankind. But to them it's not the sea!

Honestly. As much as I love dolphins. I don't wish to see them kept in captivity. I wish they were free, but it's so sad that mankind would kill such amazing creatures. Or hold them as prisoners.

Don't get me wrong, condolences to the trainer. But Sea World needs to be shut down! Even the expert agrees.

Sorry, but this is just my opinion. The world of mankind might be cruel. But we need to learn to control our egos and temper. It's just not right!

Save Shamu! Set them free!! STUPID CRUEL SEAWORLD! Animals should not live in captivity! Earth is also their home, but they should be set free!!! Do not kill any animals that you claim murdered a human!! Because you murdered their freedom!!

~* Clare Chiara *~