Nail Galore!

So I seldom have the time to pamper myself lately, and found this terrific nail artist who does house calls. She's so amazing and creative! And I found out that she gets her ideas and inspirations from.. (of all things) YouTube!

So I requested for Gold nails and she did give me somethings so simple but looking really nice. (Now do excuse the picture quality, was too excited that I only used my iPhone to grab the pictures.)

And the next week the gold dust just started to fall out and I wanted another unique one. And she pulled off this blueish black nail which if I may say.. LOVELY! She even taught me how to do it, so next time I could do it on my own!

Then Chinese New Year and Valentines Day came and I wanted something Red. No Pink I remember telling her.. but of course, each time I say NO PINK. That bloody color somehow seems to suit me best. *Damn it* But I loved the CNY and Valentines nail because it had rhinestones.. =)

Now the next nails that was done was by far my favorite. And I love it I tell you and it is one in a million!! *squeals* And on my ring finger.. there were blings again!!

And the last one, with much help and guidance.. I decided to do my own nails.. And it's green. Thank you Cryx. Ha ha.. I didn't do a good job so obviously I didn't want any close ups.. HA HA.. =)

So my next nails.. What should I do now? Cryx if your reading this!! Come over soon before I start shooting. I need my nails to be a beauty.. Ha ha ha..

~* Clare Chiara *~