Pet Society

I don't know if you guys enjoy playing Pet Society on Facebook. But I am a major Pet Society fan!

So Pet Society is like a small little animated pet you get to take care of. Just that you don't have to actually wash and feed them in real life. And it's fun that you get to dress them up and make them look like the most stylish Pet ever. At the same time, imagine a Pet having like 3 - 4 story rooms and a damn big house!

This is my Pet Tu Tu and her Pet Trixie. So here's the thing, Trixie is PINK!! Goodness PINK! Can I at least have a nice little petling that is Brown or Black? It's not so bad if it's a common color. BUT PINK??!! Come on!!

Now this is my headache. How do you change the color of the pet?? Other than paying for it. IT'S RIDICULOUS! Not to say I hate pink, just not my favorite color la.. *argh*

~* Clare Chiara *~