Photographer = Checked.

Wedding Updates, the wedding has been brought forward to November. The freak out begins like crazy!

I finally found my photographer!! =) Jason Victor will be the photographer on the big day and am so excited! His so amazing, his artwork is so unbelieveably awesome!! Clickety HERE to check out his photography. So am practically looking forward to seeing his artwork on the wedding day. His doing the slideshow and all.

I know that I'll be marrying a man who hates smiling in front of the camera. A man who hates to pose for the camera. A man who easily gets stress when people around him want to take loads of shots of him.. To bad his marrying someone who is a total opposite. =) I warned Jason in advance, to tell him to be careful. *TeeHee* Thank God his professional enough to be able to capture the pictures in the certain manner that I think the LOVER would appreciate. =)

~* Clare Chiara *~