Tattoo at Black Cat Tattoo Studio in Sunway Pyramid

Before I begin, those with a weak heart.. Please turn your heads away and ignore this blog. =p

I finally got a break on Saturday and was really happy because I know I forced that day off just for the sake of my tattoo. (Please don't let the LOVER or colleagues read this. =p)

If you read my blog few months ago on December I decided to get a tattoo for my mom and Grandma. This tattoo is number 3 for me now. And this time I got it done at an awesome place called Black Cat. Giving a hell lot of credit to Kevin from Black Cat now. =p So let's begin the story telling shall we.

Now, before I begin I just want to say to you guys.. Guys.. please make sure you get a tattoo that is meaningful don't get a pointless tattoo and at the end of the day regret it for getting the tattoo. Because when the ink is on you, it stays... FOR LIFE! I absolutely fear getting a tattoo on my own. And trust me.. I fear being alone! Ha ha.. So I made the godbrother Gor Gor Zac tag along. =)

ps: I like taking pictures of people eating, so PEOPLE.. BEWARE!

Black Cat Tattoo Studio is located at Sunway Pyramid near the Asian Avenue on the highest floor itself. My tattoo artist is Kevin. His an awesome tatoo artist, because he takes what you want and creates a certain image for you. And their all covered in tattoos and really friendly dudes so don't be afraid of them when you first meet them.

Now this 3rd tattoo started on 29th December 2009. I couldn't finish it due to the amount of pain. It was a killer. So I decided to continue later on, I had to wait one month so that once it clears Kevin could 'fix' the tattoo. So, that day, I was supposed to finish up what I had not finished..

1st of all. Kevin lied saying it would take 6 hours when it took 3.. He wanted to scare the living light out of me la.. And the pain this time was less painful, the last time when he did it.. I kicked him due to my nerves acting with a mind of their own. Trust me.. I kicked bad alright! =p But this time, like a good girl I was.. I sat still. Trying hard to control my nerves.

The thing that I like about Black Cat Tattoo, their really clean and really hygenic! And of course they are very very artistic. Think they would have been the next best Miami Ink, or then again, they should be given the tittle Malaysia Ink.. Or KL Ink. =p (Kevin, if your reading this.. expecting discount on tattoo 4.. =p)

Of course it was painful if you ask. I don't know if I want to slap you for asking me such question. OF COURSE IT BLOODY HURTS! Although I maybe smiling from ear to ear.. IT FREAKING HURTS! Wai Yik was playing with the SLR so he managed to capture a picture of me smiling, thus the question.. "Is It Painful?".. Seriously "YA THINK!!"

So since Kevin lied.. Ha ha ha.. My tattoo was actually finished in like 3 hours.. Again, I want to stress.. Kevin Lied.. Ha ha ha.. =p And it was beautiful!! I was so glad the torture was over, but extra extra happy that I finally got my most important motherly figures on me. =)

As you can see on the picture above. Grandma's name is Rosa which mean Rose, mom had her confirmation name as Rose, so it was a perfect time for me to get roses. Do understand I'm not a big fan of roses, but the meaning was to have them on me.. The bigger Rose resembles Ah Ma, for her wisdom and her longer years in life. The smaller one resembles mommy who is always on the watch out for Clarence and me. Didn't want to have their faces tattooed on me, because it's too common and if I ever get all and my skin shrinks.. It won't look like them anymore, but roses, as I grow old, people will still be able to tell that's a rose. And I will still be able to tell my children, my grand children what amazing MOTHERS I have. =') (are you crying mom?)

For all that they have gone through for me. I decided to have them on me for the rest of my life, to be thankful and loving to know I have such amazing mothers in my life. They have gone through so much for me, and I wanted them to know that I would cherish them both for the rest of my life..

Lastly, all I would like to say is.. I was known as the Ed Hardy girl that day. =p

~* Clare Chiara *~