*tsk tsk* You sad little gold digger.

Ever heard the song Gold Digger by Kanye West. It's a nice song, and honestly I never believed that I would actually meet someone that Kanye was referring to!

What I don't understand is, instead of getting the man with the gold. Why don't you just earn your own gold? Instead of relying on others, try learning to rely on yourself. Well honestly it makes me feel as if your some w**re or some cheap gi**lo! Really I mean it. But it totally saddens me that it's the new age ones who are acting like some 'gold digger' these days.

*tsk tsk*

Just to explain to you guys what a Gold Digger is.. It's some sad people who pry for rich folks and enjoy spending the rich folks money instead of their own. And it's people like that who sickens me. It's like they have 2 hands but don't know how to use them, it's like they have 2 feet but can't walk with them. I thought they were spoilt brats, but then now I realized they just want to be... RICH AND FAMOUS and be able to buy things others can't. But NOT WITH THEIR MONEY! These gold diggers, look for RICH folks who drive high speed cars, big houses, rich parents.. *tsk tsk* little young one..

That house don't belong to the lover your dating, it belongs to their parents! That car your lover is driving don't belong to your lover, it belongs to their parents! That money your lover spends on you is not theirs but their parents. Sad sad case you little gold digger you.. May as well you marry off the father instead?!

But of course who am I to judge who you date am I right? Who am I to be voicing out this way.. You should know who you love am I right? You should know.. *har di har har* Besides, this is just my voice.. So if your feeling a little bit sensitive.. Don't worry it's not you.. Just toying with your emotions. =p

Note: that this blog is not to diss anyone, just a little bit annoyed that there are such people out there this way.

~* Clare Chiara *~