Wedding Blog

So the preperation for my wedding begins. I've now 8 months and honestly, everybody is telling me I don't have enough time! WTF! *argh* So the panic button has turned on.


She's the person to go to for last minute wedding planning. But she introduced me to this awesome wedding idea page called Project Wedding. Their such a big help. providing ideas, pictures and so much more! Love that page. Totally inspired by it all at the moment.

So there was this page where newly weds were asked to blog about their big day. Decided not to make such a big fuss but instead make just an announcement page. Clare Loves Pat. Do check it out. It's not an amazing page, but I'm new at being the Bride ok!

The best part was downloading the check list. OMG! I really could see that I have that much headache to look forward to. *faints*

~* Clare Chiara *~