Wedding Mayhem! SOS!

OMG! OMG! I'm finally feeling the stress every bride should feel. The good thing is, yes the wedding is still happening this year. The bad news is.. It's brought forward!! To.. November. So I have exactly 7 months to prepare for a wedding.

I realized that why brides tend to loose their heads when their big days draws closer. Cause you just want your Big day to be an unforgettable moment. *sigh* So I'm literally going insane at this point planning for my wedding. I feel like crying honestly. Everybody has so much opinions I feel like shitting everyone up and just marry at the beach.. But of course, due to religion it is not advisable that we get married out of the church.

Which I start to question A LOT. I know how in other country everybody gets to have their dream wedding in the garden, on the beach, in loadsa weird locations. BUT WHY NOT MALAYSIA?! *ARGH* I just don't get it!!

Another thing I don't understand.. I want my wedding to be small and meaningful instead of a big bang wedding and showing off and all this shit. I actually want mine to be just.. meaningful and memorable. I'm marrying the man of my dreams after all! So I don't care how your dress or anything! But why is it that if I were to invite a family member the whole family have to come??? INCLUDING THE INLAWS??!! What the hell?? I mean, the in laws were not the ones I grew up with! Come on!!!

As you continue reading, you soon find out I actually am working on the guest list and so on. It's crazy so hang on for a crazy wedding soon!!

~* Clare Chiara *~