Work.. F**k

It's 12.18 AM. 4 years back.. I'd still be awake hanging out with the gang. 4 years later.. I'm getting old and tied all the time. I blame work. =p I always seem to blame work a lot now a days. It's crazy, wake up early, sleep late. That sucks!

Mom, Ah Ma and Clarence are in KL. And I feel so bloody guilty as HELL! Stupid Shoot! F**k!

I met one of my high school seniors today. Was so shocked to see her actually, never expected to bump into anyone of the ex choir high school mates. She's doing modeling now, heck everybody seems to be doing that these days! Main question.. WHY?! Ha ha.. >.< (Look who's talking is it?)

It's no joke ar to be sitting in the office of all hours.. ON A F**KING SUNDAY!


Tomorrow work begins at 9 AM. And if things don't go my way, there will be.. And trust me.. THERE WILL BE ANGER! Ha ha.. =p

Currently b***hing to my bestie Esther about work and wedding and life. Ha ha.. Having fun teasing one another. Wait till you see me in the morning babe!!! Ha ha ha ha.. =p

~* Clare Chiara *~