Back to being a POSER. =p

It's the first time we did a professional shoot together. Mom, the partner in crime and me for a bridal house. Pretty interesting honestly. I have never liked the thought of doing a photo shoot in studios, find it too cheesy. But I get paid for it and I should not complain. =p

So like I stated, was really excited mom and the partner in crime was able to do the shoot with me. Tomorrow, am doing it alone. *Bigger stress* But really I have totally forgotten how fun it was to dress up, get dolled and be the center of attention. (What am I talking about, like this was the last shoot I ever did... )

Anyways, made mom go first with the make up and so on because wanted to see if the make up was freaky or not. *TeeHee* Like what Liam (aka manager) always say I can be quite a Diva when it comes to Print Ad Shoots. =p But the make up artist made mom look so beautiful and really mom looked SO HOT!!

They always said when mom was younger she looked dashing. So when the make up artist decided to make mom look younger. Boy did they do such an awesome job!! I mean just look at her.. SHE'S PRETTY!! (Now I know where I got my looks from.. and dad, it's not you. =p)

Mom and I had to try on gowns after gowns which was annoying. But the wardrobe stylist. WOW! She would just grab something and it all looked amazing, but of course.. She had to choose 1 that would make us look beautiful. Mom wore that grey one and I got to wear a cream gown with crystals all over. Which I really liked. (Note: Might use the dress for wedding????)

Please ignore the face, was so shy to be such a poser somehow. HAH! =D

The little partner in crime was having fun playing dress up and getting styled too! Was his print shoot actually. Can't wait to share with you folks his pic because they made him look so handsome! And really, his picture will be better than mine in many ways!! So he started posing for the camera even way before the shoot started!!

But really mommy looks so pretty! Could not get over how awesome mom looked!! She looked stunning!!!! I loved it!! Had to take a picture with her somehow. Don't you guys agree??!! Look how good my mom looks compare to me!!

The shoot took at least 5 hours. But the best part was we got to choose our pics and we got to choose which ones we liked. But of course, it was after the shop owner selected her choice. I hope she let's us keep some.. Ha ha ha.. Cause I loved the pictures. But we'll see. Can't wait.. But they actually need 3 weeks to get the prints done.. So like I said, we'll see..

But for now.. STUDIO SHOOT IS A WRAP!! Tomorrow outdoor.. Will keep you guys posted then!!

~* Clare Chiara *~