Every Girls Need

Every Girl needs make up to make themselves look more glam, mature and beautiful. But they don't realize that it's the true beauty within that is beautiful.

Anyways, less of that. Got some beauty merchandise courtesy of Beauty Basics, In 2 It, and Komei.

So, I'm not sure if you guys have seen the beauty basics merchandise. They've got a really cute beautiful casing, and their colors are really beautiful.

It's pretty small that you could carry it every where you go in your handbag. To me I think this product fits the females on the go all the time. Pretty unique.

I also got something from In 2 It. I had no idea that they've got pretty amazing colors! I mean it's more for the night life colors. Dark shades with a dash of shimmer.

Ok now Komei. It's a Japanese make up kit. And the colors are pretty bold and daring. Really they are! Of course, again with a dash of glitter. My all time favorite. Every girl needs an extra dash of glitter to make your eyes pop. =)

Oh and people, their pretty easy to get too!! So be on a look out and get your very own cute unique eye pallets make up. Easy to carry, and always on the go.

~* Clare Chiara *~