Keep Holding On

Visited Grandma in the hospital. Somehow, today.. Something changed inside of me.

Story 1.

The lady next to my grandma was left paralyzed and in a coma. She is so young, only 41 and has 3 small kids who come to her bed each day and say.. "Mommy, please wake up." And each time she tries to open her eyes, tears fall out.

She has a loving husband who stays by her bed side in hopes that his wife would just open or blink her eyes to show him she is still holding on.

Her family members walks in and out of the room in tears. All so upset that she is paralyzed and left unable to speak. (I remember those moments well, it happened to Ah Kong.)

Story 2.

One of my parents friends have a young son. And the poor boy is being pushed around in a wheel chair these days due to a mistake of a surgery. I do recall when he was a kid being able to run around normally and being able to walk. And now seeing him on the wheel chair, unable to walk.. It does kind of bring a little bit of tears to me.

But he smiles, and his smile is so beautiful that you'd think his ok with not being able to walk. He keeps holding on in hopes to be able to walk again.

Story 3.

Same family. Their mother was admitted into CCU ward, a ward that leaves chills down my spine. That was where Ah Kong took his last breathe.. What we faced 3 months ago, this family was going through the same thing. And it's so saddening. To just sit out the CCU ward, worried, sad, but holding on strong for the sake of the family.

Strong people.

I admire them. And they all inspired me to do this song. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but could not find the right time to do the recording and the video at the same time. So after coming back from the hospital today.. I immediately decided to do this video.

I hope you guys enjoy it. As much as I do making it..

~* Clare Chiara *~