Malim Nawar...

*phew* That was some fun and tiring day! I know that for a fact because I came back and slept like a pig. ^.^

But was worth it. Once again, I got to head on back to Malim Nawar. I love it there, growing up there was always the ultimate moments. =) I learnt to fish there.. Shon pee into the pond some early morning, photo shoots there.. My 21st birthday party there.. And soon.. My wedding. Gosh, I can't wait for that! So excited!

Today was just such an thrilling episode! Hot and a killer, mom decided to bring her friends along and seriously the weather was bad! My make up was leaking, which was not good at all. And the worst part of all I was in all black!!

The father was there too while everything was just going on. I was just hungry. Running up and down like a mad person just was not fun at all! Further more in all black and the heat plus the leaking make up. Somehow it started to be such a killer.

Managed to discuss with the owner of that place who is actually dad's very close friend. We have been able to nail the spot for our wedding reception. And I'm so looking forward to that! So it's official 1 of my wedding reception is going to be held here!! OMG!! I think I'm going to cry! Ha ha ha.. =p

So like I said the weather was not much of a help and the tummy was going insanely crazy. Dad decided to bring us for lunch. We had seafood at the weirdest hour. But it was worth it ok!!

I've always loved this drink. Only available in Perak I guess. =p

We went all the way to TG. TUALANG. Ok, first of all let me tell you guys. It's my first time going to such a place to eat ok. I mean some where in a smaller town and all. And goodness food there is so damn cheap!! And their a huge share and also the big prawns was insanely filling!!!

LOOK AT THAT!! It was really so filling! I was filled up like a full tanked car!! Really!! The day went really well bit later on it went really bad.. =(

Someone screwed up my day.. *sigh* There will be another blog about it later on.

~* Clare Chiara *~