Animal Cruelty in Malaysia!!

Animal Cruelty is such a bad thing. I hate seeing abused animals!

The worst part of all is that:-
1. That animal is heading to extinction.
2. It happened in my own country.

Such a major disgrace! Below is the video that was posted 3 months ago on YouTube. The video showed a drugged tiger being drugged and visitors are allowed to take pictures for the cost of RM15! This is how they attract their customers. SO WRONG! (Click on the image to view video)

This has been going on for the past 3 months. What has been done? The most ridiculous part of it all was that A'Famosa Safari's marketing team replied in the most stupidest way stating that it was 'lazy'. Really, how stupid can people be?

A facebook group has started the concern and have gained attention from TV3 and loads more. We need to shut A'Famosa Safari Down!! They don't care about animal cruelty! And this is one of them! People, I'm urging that you guys join the group and help create awareness and do something about it!! (Clickety on the picture to join group.)

How would you like it if I drugged you, pulled your hair, shove you, shake you? How would you like it? It's cruel!! I dare that Tiger care taker to walk in it's space when it's not drug and do all those things with him, let's see who the tiger would shove out!! Stupid!! A big major disgrace to our country!!!! Sad that Malaysian Government are not doing anything about it! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!! Join the group folks!! We need to bring this issue international so that this can end!!!

~* Clare Chiara *~