Hard Rocking Penang the Harley Way!

Party liked a ROCKSTAR!

My first journey with the Harley Tankers. Haha.. Created the name meself.. *bangga moment* Right so, it was my first trip together with the riders to Penang. Such an experience that was really unforgettable.

1st - Maurice got me drunk and vomiting like mad! (1st time in my life!!)
2nd - The amount of attention focused on the bike instead of the rider! HAHA!
3rd - Stupid people who try to show off their lame bikes and trying to compete with a Harley Davidson!
5th - Hell to the yeah for being rock star in Hard Rock Penang!! *woohoo*

There were 6 Harley's on the go. The noise pollution in the North South Highway was intense that day. And the amount of stares were on the bike, even at the patrol station! And there were gazillion people snapping pics of them on the bike.

We checked in Hard Rock Hotel in Penang. Imagine the shock of people staying there when the Harley Riders entered. HAH! Classic, worst part was RED FM had some pool party.. Like we needed that.. We were all insane in the Cafe itself.. Did I mention Moe made us drunk? And really, his the 1st one ever to achieve in making me puke 1 whole freaking day!

Seafood was a must, was craving for it insanely. And when you are with the Tankers, it is as if your feeding the zoo animals! But really food in Penang... TO DIE FOR!!

Hard Rock is an awesome place for Harley Riders to gather, but people.. a lesson.. Watch Son's of Anarchy! The story is about Harley Riders out helping the weak and all. Not all are bad boys, it's an interesting TV series so anyways, don't EVER sit on another person's Harley.. Do it when the owner is not around.. but when you are caught sitting on the owners Harley... RUN!!

So thrilled that the LOVER started eating seafood.. He was a well behaved LOVER.. =p

There are more pics, don't want to bore you guys with a blog full of pics so if you really want to see them.. Clickety Here.

~* Clare Chiara *~