Konad Nail Stamping Tool!

Many of you know I love nail art. And lately, I made some Sesame Street Nail Art. Cryx has been training me well I believe.. =p Thank you again Cryx.. Your amazing. I have been announcing on my twitter I think that I was looking for the Konad Nail Stamping Tool.. So after searching high and low.. I FINALLY FOUND IT!!

Now nail art can be made easily!! =)

Decided to teach you guys how to use it... So below is how to do your nails using Konad Nail Stamping Tool..

1. Get the tools ready before you start. (Note: Always know what you want to do first!)
You will need:
- Base Coat
- Colors you want as the base
- Colors for your art
- Top Coat
- Konad Stamping Tool

2. Apply the base coat first. (Note: Very important to keep nails healthier looking.)
- I use Orly because it's fast drying and takes great care of my nails..

3. Apply the base color that you want. (Note: Choose your favorite color)
- I chose white because wanted the nail art to stand out to show you guys. And I really love the nail varnish from Skin Food. The colors are totally wicked!

4. Choose which template you want. (Note: You can even use 2 on a nail!)
- Decided to use roses and butterfly for me nails.. =) (Try being more girlified.)

5. Paint the color the choice of template, paint a coat and smudge it off and stamp it on your nails! It's so simple!
- You can actually have many different colors red roses and green branches, I just made it simple to show you that's all.

6. I chose another template (the butterfly) and decided to turn it black instead.. To colorful I'm bad at it... Not a pro yet.. *TeeHee*
- Remember choose templates that go well together.

7. Keep it simple. Don't over do your nail art.. May look weird sometimes..
- This is as simple as I could..

8. You don't have to stamp your WHOLE nail. You could keep it simple like what I did..
- But do keep in mind.. It's how you want to do it..

Hope you guys realize that KONAD Nail Art Stamping tool is such a life saver.. Don't have to make time to pamper myself anymore when I can do it on my own.. =) And at the same time, you have so much fun doing it. And because your doing your own nails, you make sure it's the best!! =)

Head on out to get your own KONAD Nail Art Stamping Tool NOW!!

~* Clare Chiara *~