Let's Play Photography!

LOVER got me another camera. *sigh* He knows me love photography that much I guess. =)

So this time, he got me another CANON. A slimmer version since I complain that i have too much things to carry in my bag.

Was testing out the camera and manage to capture loadsa pictures without a SLR. *proud moment* BUT, need to brush up on editing skills, I need to learn to stop bugging Liam and Matthew for editing my pictures all the time.. =p

Once again, opened another Facebook Album just for me creative takes.. =) So clickety here to check out the album. (Oh! Sorry, you have to be my friend first then you can see the picture.. )

Below are some of my favorites for now that I took. Loving em!

Made me godsister a model. Was so itchy to toy with peacock feathers and since I have them around. So made her do this.. =p

Duke was so obedient, and he sat still for me to take this shot.. And I loved it.. =)

The best part of all.. I have posted it on my twitter... I finally blinged my phone!! =) And I got it the way I wanted it! (But might change when I see some other design that I like. ) It has pink, that I didn't have a choice!! *curses* But, anyways.. I'm loving it for now..

Think I should start blinging all the covers that I have.. =p

~* Clare Chiara *~