My Mother Roles.

My Mother

After 24 years of my life,
Being raised by an amazing mother..
I can't thank God enough for her.

She's my best friend,
My companion,
My biggest role model.

Life going up and down,
Mom has always stood tall..
Never letting things bring her down.

Her strength,
Her Beauty,
And her courage is amazing!

God has given me an angel,
God has given me a best friend,
God has blessed me with such an amazing mother.

Silently, I hurt her..
Silently, she tears,
Silently She cries..

But for the sake of her children,
She stands,
She prays for the best..

She becomes a better mother..
She is a mother and has to show courage for her kids,
She stands tall for her children..

They say when you become a mother,
Your whole life revolves around your kid,
Your children is your life.

That's my mom.
She makes us first,
She's the best.

I could not have asked for a better mom..
I love you mommy..

Made this video for me mama....

~* Clare Chiara *~