The Zoo is GROWING!

I know I have too many pets, heck. If you see my facebook album, you could see the amount of Gazillion Pets I have had over the years.

This year, I'm very happy to have 2 more lucky victims to be brought back into my small tiny little zoo. *Tee Hee*

I believe I have introduced Duke to you before, his growing each and every day. And his such a beautiful dog. I love him so much, and to see him grow into Camo's size each day is like a magic waiting to happen.

Few weeks ago, actually months. I got a Guinea Pig. Thanks to Amelia Wong la. Ha ha ha.. =) I decided to get myself something small to love and care for in the nice small little house of mine.. =) And if I'm not wrong I have also introduced her to you folks before. And she too is so amazing and one of a kind. I can't wait to post more about them, their just growing so fast!! =)

But really pets are just amazing and part of your everyday life.. Love them.. as much as you can.. =)

~* Clare Chiara *~