1, 2, 5 Pose.

I just don't get it? Why can't we ever take a simple picture without fingers being in the frame?

*argh* It's so annoying. Was looking at my old school photos.. My high school pictures to be exact and realized almost quarter of the pictures we had fingers on our faces or near our faces. This whole Japan influenced pictures are getting on my nerves. To the extend me little cousin sister is learning that pose!

I call it the 1,2,5 pose.

I told myself i will never take such picture, but I took some for you guys to have a look at it.. In case you have never seen it yet. Below is what you call a 1,2,5 Pose.

Oh and really, sometimes the facial expression matches the fingers too. Like you could do 1 in a lot of poses. Picture below.

Or Peace Sign. Now we all know the Peace sign is like telling the person who sees the sign 'peace' or something.. But really this is another level peace.

And lastly.. 5. No not high 5.. Just 5 fingers all up in your face. Trust me, I did a shoot which needed me to do this.. I hated that shoot in particular.

Allow me to stress.. all pictures in this blog was taken just for the main purpose of THIS BLOG ONLY! Not bothered with the insults and s**t you small brainers want to say. But I bet you guys are sensitive cause you guys pose this way. *HAHAHA* But really la people let's be honest.. If you were asked to do a billboard shoot.. That has nothing to do with any chinese brand or Japanese ad or what so ever.. I DARE YOU TO DO THE 1,2,5 POSE! I DARE YOU!

And maybe you could prove me wrong that a model with fingers on face is awesome!

Don't ask me how come I know these poses.. Maybe there is just too many insane people doing this pose over and over again!! *argh*

~* Clare Chiara *~