10 Things I hate about FACEBOOK & Twitter

We all live in a world where modern technology has become our way of communicating with each other. Ain't that just so sad? What happened to the old snail mail? Or the pigeon letters? Or a bouquet of flowers for Valentines. *tsk tsk* What have we all become.. We are forced to learn IT well.

These days, Facebook has become a famous website where gazillion people log in to play games, greet friends, send bouquet of flowers for the birthdays and so on. But honestly to me Facebook is starting to make me annoyed. Here, let me share my 10 Reasons why I hate Facebook.


1. Adding friends on Facebook is insane! "Clare, how come you never add me on Facebook?", "You don't friend me is it?", "How come you didn't tell me you had Facebook?" REALLY PEOPLE! Let's be honest here.. I DON'T HAVE THE DARNDEST TIME TO STALK YOU ALL AND SEE IF YOU HAVE FACEBOOK!! *dumb f**k's*

2. THE GAMES ARE ADDICTIVE! The games are so insane! I think I mentioned before on my blog about the games I was playing on me Facebook... Your pet dies when you don't visit it for 2 days, you have to pay a fine to get it back. You loose marks on getting the best restaurant ever. What ever happened to work?

3. Just because Facebook announces when your birthday is.. Don't expect me to wish you still, cause really I'm not on Facebook 24/7!

4. Relationship Status. I am currently 'in a relationship' with nobody. "Clare, thought you were with Pat? What happened?","Wow, looks like your having a major affair","How come your not in a relationship with me?" SERIOUSLY? Have you all have no other lives??

5. Parents on Facebook. Where do I even start? You get this cute guy commenting on your wall posts and so on.. and the next thing you know.. There's your dad's comment. "What are you trying to do to my daughter?","So rude la you! Come I must meet you."

6. Status. When someone posts a status. They just want to voice out. And really, it's not a must to comment on it, but when you do please think twice before saying anything stupid!

7. Random people commenting how sexy and hot you are in your facebook pictures. YOU MUST BE DAMN STUPID TO TELL THE WORLD YOUR A PERVERT!

8. Pictures on Facebook. I don't know if you guys agree with me or not. But... if you don't put a recent or old picture of you on Facebook, nobody can recognize you. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I've changed from last time!! The difference is there.. How can you NOT see that??!!!

9. Don't expect me to know what is going on with your life.
Clare: So... How are you?
Friend: I'm like that la... Gave birth di..
Clare: WOW!! Really when?? Congrats!!
Friend: You don't know meh?? I post all over Facebook mar!!

10. Facebook Chats. Really now people.. We have MSN and YM and Skype. Why can't we all chat there? Chatting on FB is just messing up everything. And when we don't get the message or don't reply you... You have some sensitive shit going on saying I'm ignoring you.

I still have my Facebook account for a reason, and if I ever ignore you or not add you or so on. Please recheck.. Were you after all my friend? And really.. No comments needed.. And lastly I just want to say.. I SHARE MY LIFE IN FACEBOOK BECAUSE.......... I WANT MY RELATIVES ALL OVER THE WORLD TO KNOW WHAT THE H**L IS GOING ON.. NOT FOR FAME.. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT DUMB F**K!

That's my Facebook. Now Twitter. For Twitter.. I have only around 10 too cause it's almost similar to Facebook. So here are.....


1. Who in the world is following me in Twitter? Really are you that interested?

2. How annoying can it be when you get some stupid marketing idiots twittering you. "We've got special discount on this product! For only $99! Available in US only" Hi!! Read my location!

3. Really, I don't want to know when you shit, shower, or pray.

4. And when you twit something.. Suddenly there's this annoying robo shit that retweets what you said.. HUH????

5. "Dear @clarechiara what have you been up too?" Really... READ THE TWITS!!

6. "Want to see sexy pictures of me.. add me.. @clarechiara add me!!" WTF?! Don't do Bi..

7. Be carful with what you twit.. Keep in mind there are others out there!!

8. Please people.. CHOOSE THE RIGHT TIME TO TWEET!! How can you tweet 'driving while tweeting' So wrong!!

9. Your not able to voice out the way you want to. Cause there are some strangers out there wanting to diss you.

10. "@clarechiara DID YOU NOT READ YOUR PM? I PM YOU!" Come on!! If you wanna say something twit already!! *argh*

So twitter currently to me.. it's my source of entertainment, complaint box, braging box and so on.. So I still twit.. Not that I don't I still will.. Just you people better not annoy me la!

~* Clare Chiara *~