Lately Harley Davidson has been a EVERY SUNDAY thing to do. Other than going to church. LOL. And oh well, at least I have chances of improving some camera skills now and then.. LOL. Even if I am still not a champ yet. I admit. I AM NOT.

8 Harley Davidsons. 1 MRS and later on 1 Mercedes Benz that joined for a short while and zoomed off. 'Twas a tiring trip I tell you!' =p But I'd do it again!

So this time the ride started at 7 am in the morning. We wanted to catch the beautiful sunrise at Genting Highlands. And we all had a pretty late night..*yawn* Thus the exhaustion look on the face and Ray Bans to cover up some bags.

The LOVER and I took the MRS instead. And the fact that I got burnt without riding on the freaking HARLEY. I got damn pissed mad la!! *argh* Well really got bad sun burnt.. Didn't realize I'd get burn that bad. =( This is going to take months to get back to my color. *sigh* The lover and I just preferred the car but this time it's way different.

This time the LOVER had 101 Harley training. Well everyone has been planning to teach him to ride so he can ride himself and stuff like that. And after few rounds he actually fell in love... *sigh* Oh well. Can't stop him can I?

We had some last min photo shoot fun there. =p The scenery was DAMN BEAUTIFUL!!

If you guys want to see more pics do *clickety here* Just uploaded some nice pics and group shots.

~* Clare Chiara *~