I'm not a Stripper but a Pole Dancer.

*Aarrgghh* I finally found a dance that I totally love and found it as a damn good work out!!
Call me a stripper or what so ever. I'm not bothered. But honest truth I need to work out and loose a heck loada weight and dancing has always been my only way of loosing it.. So don't get the wrong message..

It was nerve wrecking at first. I was totally afraid of everything! Shy that people were going to see me do something stupid. Scared that I hurt myself real bad and so on. But the instructor was amazing.. She was making me feel very much comfortable first and later on.. The pole dancing began!

The best part of the class was that.. my hands were sweaty and they made me slide down easily. The whole concept of the studio is so kinky and really it makes you feel like as if your really just having fun with yourself. And proud of your body (mostly).

A lot of you may say, "Pole Dancing is so skanky" or "Pole Dancing makes you slutty". Please award yourself for the person with the most closed minded thinking award. Because really, if you look beyond the whole dance.. It helps a lot. In terms of a workout and self confidence. And before you point your finger and go.. "Oh! She's a stripper" I bet many of you want to please your boyfriends/ lovers/ husbands in some way or other.. So if I catch you joining the class at the end of the day.. *tsk tsk* Shame on your big bad mouth..

For now, I'm enjoying getting sores and bruises from the pole. And I'm proud to say I'm pole dancing!! Watch me have fun!! =p *winkz*

~* Clare Chiara *~