The Last Angel.. Ah Ma

Ah Ma must have really loved Ah Kong that much. It was the last step of Alzheimer. on 15th June 2010. My grandmother Rosa Tong Sue Eng passed away peacefully due to difficulty breathing. They say, it's the last step of Alzheimer, Alzheimer patience tend to forget how to breathe. And that's what happened.

Me and my aunt Joyce were prepared to come back to see her this weekend. But instead, I think Ah Kong and Ah Ma really just missed each other that much.

Ah Ma have been my mother figure all this years, she brought me up and took good care of me. Loved me so much and of course spoilt me every now and then. She would give what's best for me. She was the one who taught me what is right and wrong, and she taught me how to be more charitable and be thankful for everything we have.

Loosing her made me cry, it's not even 1 year after Ah Kong's passing and I loose my last angel.. Ah Ma. I was not prepared. And still am not. Neither are my family. I try not to cry because I feel that she really needs Ah Kong and Ah Kong really needs her. So, who are we to keep holding on. Deep down inside it really hurts to see her go, but I will keep trying bit by bit.

Everytime when I look down at my tattoo, a part of Ah Ma is with me. And I should cherish that. For the rest of my life.

RIP Ah Ma. You will be deeply missed.

~* Clare Chiara *~