Look Out Point HARLEY!

The original Birthday was yesterday. Nothing special because there was also Ah Ma's 7 day prayers going on. But thank goodness Think Tank came up with their last minute Harley journey. So this time it was to Look Out Point.

This time the LOVER and I went on the convertible. Way fun instead of getting the butt torn apart. Ha ha..

Didn't take that many videos due to the dark night.. *sigh* But the excitement was that Moe took the new bike!! *woot woot* It's called Holy Ghost. And it's BEAUTIFUL!!

But Moe looks small on it somehow.. Ha ha..

Jay has 2 bikes 1 Sam rides and 1 Jay himself rides.

I like Nam's bike for the fact that it's at least a 2 sitter!! =p But Sharon small can sit nicely.. Ha ha.. =D

Gene's bike fits him well cause well just look at it.. Suits him right??

There was 2 more bikers Affendi and Pete la.. How la wanna take pic for them when they don't stay put?? LOL.. But did manage to get loadsa videos. So hopefully can post that up soon..

~* Clare Chiara *~