Simple Nail Art You Can Do

Once in a while I enjoy pampering myself. Not spending a single cent on anything all self made. So my nails were horrid and I decided to glam them up. It's been a while I never got to glam it up. And really, it's pretty simple that you can do it too!!

Here's what you need.

Choose Colors you like or suit your mood. Still don't get what is what? Below is a more defined details on what you need and what it's for.

Base coat is really important, so they don't keep your nails yellow. And I love the Base Coat from Skin Food because it dries up real fast and gives your nail extra niceness look to it. =)

Choose a nail color that matches your skin color or looks good on you. Nude color or plain pearly white. I used Pearly White.

Put at least 2 layers of the Nail Varnish.

Next Choose a color for the flower petals. And keep in mind it has to match other colors. I took the Chili Red just on the safe side. =p

Use a Dotting Tool to dot 5 small petals. It does not have to be perfect. But at least round la.. And really it's easy to just dot them!

Choose small Gold Beads to add yellow nectar to your flower.

And it adds on a 3D effect. But be careful you need a dotting tool or a toothpick to help you with this.

Choose something Green for the leaves. Just to add extra color.

For the leaves, you could use a toothpick or a small brush to help shape the leaves. Add it where ever you like. It's not a must that you make it leafy. A straight light can make it look like vines and curvy lines can make it look even more interesting.

White color is used to add a little bit of highlights to make the nails more interesting.

Don't add too much just a dab here and there and there.. Your almost done.

Lastly you need a Top Coat so that your Gold Beads won't fall of and it adds a shiny finished up nail look.

This is the finished look on me nails. What do you guys think? It's really simple to do. And really just have fun doing nails. I'm not a pro at doing nails but this is the best I can go. HA HA.. =p Hopefully I could learn more soon.. But don't expect me to be a pro ok!

Till then.. Have fun!!

~* Clare Chiara *~