4th Tattoo Story

Twas a happy day yesterday. Got me 4th tattoo. Later today a photo shoot with Zed. =)

Was out the whole day with me bestie Kim. She's a great person to chill with. But when getting a tattoo be prepared to face her. HA HA HA! =p

Kim and I badly wanted to get a tattoo. Kim's got 3 now and I've got 4. Kim got the word Ethan for her son. =) Me chicken God son. LOL. We headed off to Black Cat Tattoo Studio at Sunway pyramid. I got me 3rd Rose dedication tattoos from there and fell in love with them all. So decided to head on back for tattoo number 4.

I did a daring risk this time. On my hand.

I wanted the word family. Like I said in my previous blog. It's a self reminder that family comes first. The reason why I wanted it on my left hand is because.. 1. I'm going to wear me wedding ring on me left ring finger. And will start my own family someday. Reason 2. My grandparents and parents got married and started a family and a ring is on their ring finger as a sign of starting a family. Reason 3. Did you realize that your left hand is always supporting whatever your right hand does? Just like your family.. They support you no matter what.

Like a good girl, this time I sat still trough the whole process. Me tattoo artist is Kevin. Gotta give him credit.. His very patient with me moving around on me 3rd tattoo.. LOL. And.. his damn good with cursive writing tattoo!

When it was done. I could not be so much more happier. My grandparents have always taught me FAMILY COMES FIRST. No matter what in life. Your family always comes first. No matter what people might tell you about your family. FAMILY STILL COMES FIRST!

As for Kim. She was like a kid going to Disneyland after getting her 3rd tattoo from Joshua. *sigh* Poor Joshua had to deal with her going insane with the drawing and so on. But later on it was worth it. She finally has her little boy's name on her neck. Which she says is not that painful.

But guys, do please keep in mind. I'm a tattoo freak. And when getting a tattoo please find the proper reason to get one. Don't get it for fun or when drunk. Make sure there is a reason for you to get one. Don't ever regret!

I can't wait for me 5th tattoo. Kevin's back at the drawing table yet again for tattoo number 5! It's supposed to be my last tattoo, but we'll see.. I've got too many space in me body.. LOL.. =p

~* Clare Chiara*~