Sometimes we all go through pain and suffering for the family. But from the family comes love greater than any other love out there. - Zed

As I do more photo shoots with Zed I realize that sometimes shoots can pull out some weird emotions. This time for the very first time, I had to pull of tears. Wasn't easy. Zed had to have a conversation with me first so that I could actually feel totally upset.

Then the sensitive topic. Family. There are times in our lives.. We never understand the meaning of family. There are times our anger tend to bring out hurtful words that we never mean. We fight for our family, we struggle in our everyday lifeto give the best, we have our ups and downs. But we will never forget the love that everyone of us have shared. We will never forget how much we have all done and gone through for each other.

My grandparents have always taught me the value of family. 1 I will slowly learn to appreciate and continue teaching my own family when I have one. One thing for sure, we fight like any other. We have misunderstandings and miscommunications. But aside from all the hatred, no matter how much hurt or anger they have put us through.. They are still no matter what.. FAMILY. And you can never get any other family out there just like what you have now.

This year, it will be my first year celebrating my 24th birthday without my grandparents, it brings me loads of sadness. I don't wish for anything else but for my family to continue being there for each others. Through good times and bad. =)

Ah Kong has always said "No matter how much you hate your family, no matter how much they hurt you. They are still your Family."

So when Zed's shutter went off. All I could think off was how much my Ah Kong and Ah Ma has done for my family and pray that my family will all always cherish what Ah Kong, Ah Ma has always taught us. Family Comes First.

~* Clare Chiara *~