Ladybug Bug My Nails.

It's time to change the nail art once again. I think I have officially decided to post some how to do simple nail arts for you people. So that you guys can do your nails when your free too. =p Hope it helps.

Now do keep in mind that I AM NOT A PRO! Just doing it for fun!

So these are the things that you need.

Once again, I enjoy using Skin Food Nail products because their colors are really interesting!

This is how my nails look like before I started. I kinda like it a little round edge-ish and not square-ish.

1. Base Coat

Base coat is really important so that your nails do not turn yellow. Especially if you plan not to change your nail art for more than 2 weeks.

2. Nail Color - Yellow.

On 4 fingers do a french tip and on the ring finger paint it all yellow. Just to make it a little bit more interesting.

3. Red Dots - Lady Bugs Body

Use a doting tool or a toothpick to create small dots of the lady bug's body. Don't have to be big. Unless you are painting it on your ring finger. That you need a bigger dot.

4. Black Spots - This you need a toothpick!!

This is the hardest part. The smaller dots on the lady bug. *sigh* I know I messed this up. I blame it on the bad eye sight I have. LOL.. =p So using a toothpick you try to dot smaller dots on the red dots. And also 2 small lines as the lady bugs antenna.

5. White Dots - Just to make the background look better.

Use the dotting tool or the toothpick and add little dots at the background just to add a little more color to it. You could draw a line underneath your yellow tip if you have a small brush. I used a doting tool that's why it looks bad. HA HA.. =p

6. Top Coat. And your done.

Top Coat adds a little dash of sparkle once your done. And makes your nails looking healthy too. So it's a must to apply! And your done!

That's your finished look. I had fun with this and hope you guys too. Be a little patience when you guys are doing this. Really it can be quite frustrating when the dots are misplaced and your lady bug not looking like a lady bug. Ha ha. But have fun and try it out!! =)

~* Clare Chiara *~