Silver Yellow Retro

Finally had time to do another new nail art. =) Yes, I'm that free for now. But schedule is filling up. *sigh* No good.

Cryx came over to the house to teach me more nail art designs. This nail art is really simple. And if it looks so much more neater and nicer it's cause Cryx did it.

Now remember. Base coat is REALLYIMPORTANT!

Below are the things you need.

1. Silver or lighter base color.

Because it's a light color you need at least 2 or 3 coats. So it stands out more and will look like this...

2. Side/Half Yellow

It does not have to be a straight line, so long as you got the half top part of your nails. Like this..

3. Black is always used as the outline. Black Dots.

Dot along your yellow line and inside smaller dots. It will look like this..

4. In the bigger dots. Dot on the same yellow so that it gives an effect that looks like this..

This was by far the easiest nail art I got to do. And trust me loads of you out there can do this nail art too. Have fun trying it out!

~* Clare Chiara *~