Blue Water Marble Nail Art

This was by far the messiest nail art I have EVER done! But loved how the color turned out so beautifully. =)

1. BASE COAT! Again and again I keep stressing people.BASE COAT! Just once let me blog without stressing that. =p

2. Paint your nail white. So that the color could stand out even more.

3. Get a glass of water.

4. Base color should always be DARKER. Oh which also reminds me, take all different shades of blue and maybe an extra shade of light like Silver. (I'm using blue, since it's my favorite color.) Just add 1 drop of color 1 by 1.

5. Then add another drop of lighter shade color.

6. Because I LOVE BLING. Decided to add a little sparkle to the blue. A dash of silver.

7. Drop the last shade of blue and start to create a mixture art.

8. After you have mixed the colors and see a spot where you like.. Dip your finger into that 'zone'.

9. Please DO NOT have a shock attack when your finger comes up messy. It's supposed to.

10. It is a messy nail art to do. But beautiful! So hang on! It will look like this..

11. Use the nail polish remover to clean the sides of your nails. So at least it looks way neater.

12. If you want to add more bling. Add more small little bling on your nail. Or like what I did.. I pierced my little nail. =)

13. Don't forget the TOP COAT. And your done!

Have fun doing this. But be prepared to clear the mess after that! And another note, your marble does not have to be perfect. That's the whole point! Messy Nail Art that looks so good!!

~* Clare Chiara *~