Food Heaven - Penang.

Penang. Food Galore! I don't know if I put on weight cause I have been sick the past 2 days. I swear I never moved at all from the bed the whole 2 days. Was too weak to move till Zed had to come to feed me and make sure I was ok. =) Thank you Zed.

So I was away to Penang. Oh goodness, let me just say. The whole 3 days of this trip I had 3 hours sleep each day. It was insane! Thus me falling sick at the end. My poor cousin and my poor little brother got sick after the trip too.. Poor them, missed school and all. But less of the negativity. Let's talk about the whole trip!

We left KL at 10.00 pm. Trust me I had no idea about the whole scheduling and what it was like. So I took my PSP, iTouch and iPhone. The LOVER madesure I fully charged all 3 of my gadgets so that I won't be bored on the bus. BUT GUESS WHAT... Mom was playing with my PSP, Uncle Daniel was playing with my iTouch and my iPhone was kept properly because I didn't want the battery to die on me so soon.... But oh well.. Ended up sleeping on the bus.

1st pit stop was at Ipoh. We had the famous Chicken Noodles Soup. Forever famous and yummy from the Wong Brothers. At the same time we were there to pick mom and the little brother. THANK YOU GODPA FOR SENDING MOM AND CLARENCE. =)

After that around 12 am it was time to shoot off to Penang. The journey from Ipoh to Penang sucked. The road was BAD! No, not the jam but the roads was bad, poor bus drivers driving real slow so that the bus would stop swaying side to side. Halfway at the pit stop for toilet breaks I bumped into me ex house mate Melissa. She's stalking me. LOL. Arrived Penang at 4.30 am! I thought great we could check in the hotel and all. NO! Our bus parked right in front of St. Anne's Church and.. We were supposed to get off and start our prayers at 5.00am!! NO WAY! I was so moody, but oh well.. Had to learn to deal with that. Mass was at 7.00 am. Trust me the only person who was not 'agreeing with what the priest said' or dozing off was my Uncle Daniel and me. The rest were in deep prayers alright!

Tek Nam stays in Penang. By the time mass ended as I was about to head up the bus Nam calls and asks where I was. Just then at the same time, he too was back in Penang. I asked him to introduce us to a damn good place for breakfast. And trust me, Tek Nam is 1 producer I trust a lot when it comes to good food! He brought us to this small hawker area near his house.. The whole 40 of us in the bus and him on his Harley. That hawker stall was amazing! He introduced us to eat loads of food there, but my tummy could only eat 1 meal at 1 time.

I decided on the Curry Mee.

Oh it was YUMMYLICIOUS! I loved it!

I was dying to head back to the hotel to get some proper cleaning and a nice wash and rest. But no.. Everybody wanted to head off for more food. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Besides by the time we arrived at Pulau Pinang it was already lunch time..

I decided to eat something without carbo. Been on the 'NO CARBO' diet for the past 2 weeks, but ruined it in Penang. *curses* Everybody knows I love pork. I could notresist it.

It was the Pepper Pork soup. If I could type in chinese I would, but I can't too bad. I know the proper name in chinese. LOL. But this food was really yummylicious too! But really I needed the bed! I just wanted sleep and to rest! By the time we checked in the freaking hotel it was already 2pm. *curses* We were supposed to head off to church at 5.45 pm. There was my cousin and little brother who wanted to play at the beach the pool and there was me who wanted to sleep. Of course, it's hard to say no to the little ones.

Headed off to mass number 2 at 5.45pm. Loved that church. Was really different and unique. It's called St Chactan if I'm not wrong. Anyway, was still dead tired. But like a 'model' always look good no matter where you go. (Self praise, a first ever!)

We headed of to McCulister Road for dinner. Food there of course is yummylicious too but because it's getting 'too famous' their prices are also 'too famous'! So wasn't really happy with dinner at all. Thank God we were heading back to the hotel around 10.30pm I just wanted to die on bed already. Because 7 am the next day was breakfast and 10am was to check out the hotel. *FML*

I assumed that we were heading back to Ipoh early the next day. But no.. It was shopping. *sigh* SHOPPING?! Wait.. I should be happy, but was too tired. Anyway, still did go for shopping. Ended up buying a toy helicopter for the LOVER. (Which I ended up playing with)

We got to have this very famous Cendol. Load of celebrities also love that certian cendol stall. (Go to me FB album to see who the celebrity was)

It was yummy indeed. And not too sweet like all the other Cendols out there. From the shopping to the bus. From the bus to lunch. Lunch ended swell. Last meal in Penang. Then off we went.. to Ipoh. Everybody wanted to buy the Pomelos and Biscuits. I bought a lot for my colleagues and friends and in laws. *sigh* Talk about being a shopaholic. I didn't buys nothing for myself! *curses*

Oh! The bus driver wanted to take a picture with me! *WTF?!* My aunt Joyce turned around and told him... "You have to pay her RM2,500 or call her manager and ask for permission." FML. It was so hilarious.

All I have to say is. I'm glad that my whole family got to go for this trip together. It's been a looonnnggg time we have missed a lot of family outing. And sometimes, the best trips and holidays in life is with your loved ones.

~* Clare Chiara *~