Gradient Pheonix

I got new nails done (AGAIN)

Not even 1 week later.. I wanted new nails. Not that I didn't like my rainbow. Wanted something different. I think I should start my own nail studio or something. *teehee*

Below are the things you need.
- Base Coat
- Yellow
- Orange
- Red
- Top Coat
- Dried Flowers
- Golden Beads
- Gold Stars
- Make Up Sponge
- Dotting Tool
- Tweezer

1. Using the Make Up Sponge gently dab the yellow color on to your nails.

2. Because you want your nails to look a little gradient, do not paint all over your nails. Next step dab on Orange.

3. Last color to dab on.. Red. On the tip of your nails to add a little gradient french nail tip.

4. Design on your Gradient nails. Now. Do whatever you want. Don't have to follow what I did. But if you still want to. Here's what I did. I got Orange dried flowers, Some gold stars and some golden beads. This is the ending look.

Honestly I thought this was going to be hard. But I had loadsa fun doing this nails. =)

~* Clare Chiara *~