Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I LOVE RAINBOWS. Don't you? So here's a simple how to do rainbow nail art that I learnt.. =)

You need. All of these.

Don't the colors look amazing? Base Coat, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and a Darker Blue, White and Top Coat.

1. Use the french tip sticker to make sure your color is the same line. So it does not look weird.

2. Start with Red.

3. Then Orange.

3. Then Yellow.

4. Then Green.

5. Then my favorite color. Blue. If you still have space on your nail you could add on Lilac color. If not.. End at Blue is fine.

6. Use white nail color to make a nice clear line. Then again, it's just to add the extra notice on the nail.

7. Top Coat and your done! Don't it add a certain cheer to your daily life? Well colors add a lot of cheer to me.

Oh and I wanted to do this nail since the big day is coming soon. And I wanted to remind myself of something.. A certain song they used to sing me to sleep..

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow,
Way up High..
There's A land that I heard of,
Once in a lullaby.

~* Clare Chiara *~