Late Post: 3 babes @ Langkawi

Finally I'm posting about my trip to Langkawi with my 2 babes Kim & April. Kim and I have been wanting to go on a holiday together for like months.. So both she and I especially were really thrilled that we could FINALLY go on this trip together. The plan was to have the girliest time ever in Langkawi without our Hubbies, fiance or boyfriend. We go there for booze, a heck lot of fun and the beach of course.

Kim and I were doing the whole planning and all. But thank you Kim for booking loads of things and making sure we get a room and a flight. =) So we decided to take the earliest morning flight out of KL. (So syok la!) Not realizing we had to wake up earlier because 2 hours before check in we have to be at the airport. But all was good as we managed afew shut eyes on the plane. Arrived at Langkawi at about 10 something if I'm not wrong.

The first things we did.
- Rent a car for the next 4 days we were going tobe there.
- Check in the hotel.
- Lay down for a while on the bed.
- Changed into our swimsuits.
- Drove to the beach (even though it was so nearby our hotel.)
- Camwhored at the beach
- Booze began pouring in.

We just sat and chilled at Little Lyla's. A nice small pub by the beach. The view was heavenly. A sight for sore eyes. At the same time, we were just looking at people paragliding. I mean just look at the picture. Ain't that such a beautiful scene??

Sitting on the white sandy beach was so much fun. And you'd be surprise how clean the beach actually is!

Now here's the thing. When you are at the beach side. Wear a swimsuit la people!! When Kim and i were walking around with what you see in the pic. The amount of stares we got! The wolves also don't stare at us that bad ok! It's the stare that has this 'have you got no shame' stare. Open your F**king mind la people! Have you not heard of 'When you've got it, flaunt it?' So stupid! Cover la your whole self and go in the beach.. Like so syok right? *ugh*

Chilled at the beach the whole day till the evening we decided to head off to another bar to have a really girlie time. We ended up in Sun Bar. We became instant VVIP ok!! LOL.

It was such a dread to wake up the next morning. *sigh* Could not even move from the bed. But we wanted to explore somehow. We heard about this 7 wells. And wanted to check out what it was all about. We were all dressed in dresses!! Dresses and upon arrival at the 7 wells we find out that we had to climb a freaking hill to get to the wells. We askedan old mak cik how long it takes to climb up there. She said. "10 minit sahaja" Right. 10 minutes.. We told ourselves that we could do it. Let me just say this.. We managed to go up and down in 3minutes. But never got to see the well cause we only climbed quarter of the hill la!

Even old uncles and aunty were over taking us la ok!

At the end of the day.. We ended up at the bird park. More easier task there than climb a stupid hill. Damn it! We got to feed the birds, and other animals. Got to hold them too. It was a mini zoo but we got to see em real up close. And birds were the main focus of course. Some of us got freaked out so had to end the whole bird park ASAP. *TeeHee*

Our whole trip in Langkawi we heard about the curse of Masturi. Some dude told us that Masturi's on the tourist was that they keep coming back to Langkawi no matter what. Some other fellas told us about her being stabbed to death due to some gossip. And white blood came out. So we decided to check out the whole thing ourselves.

We went to Masturi Museum.

Due to gossip and drama a person dies. But.. At the same time.. really was it true. Nobody knows. It's a legend. So god knows if it's true or not la. But the museum was a waste of time, and really it was a HUGE waste of money!

I know 1 big sin that I did in the whole trip was over spend at gifts. We all did. Mine was the less, so I don't feel even more guilty. Hah.. =)

But my happiest time of course is being able to attend Jade's first holy communion. Was glad to be able to be a part of her big day. She looked insanely beautiful.

The whole trip in Langkawi. Loads of things happened. Remains there!! But really I needed this whole girlie time!! It was worth it!! If you guys want to see more pictures. *Clickety Here* But anyways!! I want to thank Kim and April for the most awesomest trip ever! I love you babes!!

~* Clare Chiara *~