Late Post: The Touring Began

Been touring around since August. Yes, the big month of August. The tour around Malaysia began. HE managed to get a 1 week long break from his busy schedule. He hardly gets time away from work so was really excited that he finally managed sometime away from it all. =) Mademy birthday month way much more special indeed.

We had no idea where we wanted to go for our holiday. Bali, Hong Kong.. We wanted to go on a world tour! But truth be told. We have not even experienced our own Malaysian break! So we decided to head to Ipoh for a few days and then Penang and back. Ipoh was because dad had his grand opening of his pub.

I sort of dreaded Penang honestly. Was not looking forward to it at all maybe because I just got back from Penang few weeks ago after going there with the family to St Anne's Feastday. But I think God wanted me to have my thrill. Upon arriving near our Hotel. 3 gorgeous buffed up hunks in their surfer pants, shirtless walked passed. I know the Lover boy heard me as I threw my hands up in the air screaming. "THANK YOU JESUS!" 0.0 That stare that I got from HIM.. *phew* Scary!! LOL. Oh and I forgot to mention.. We were in a convertible and the roof was down.. I bet you they heard my screams!!

Penang was all because of Hard Rock Hotel and the beach. We had a whole lazy time there. We hardly went out of the hotel!! We were that lazy and honestly.. It was well worth it to just stay in the hotel and sleep till late in the afternoon.

Because of the Harley Rides, I got burnt bad. To the extend the colors of my skin came out looking all weird! So decided that sun tanning for the next 4 days at the beach was not going to be so bad. Besides it's nice to be caramel. =p

The best part about being in Hard Rock Hotel is.. You are the VVIP. No matter what. But you know what I realized.. There were loads of SPG's there. Or was it the mistresses. I felt like one of em! Trust me. It annoyed me how loads of people who kept on approaching the 'lover boy' and me thinking that we are some folks from another country. People actually thought that HE was from Aussie and I was his SPG! Like come on!!! Kite orang Malaysian la!!

Was even more pissed that some of the 'local' folks tried to trick us when it comes to shopping. So at night the roads near Hard Rock Hotel is filled with this night stores selling fake LV's, Gucci and loads more fake products and some.. local stuff I would say. So we approach a store wanting to buy some souvenirs for the loved ones back home. They tried to trick our money! (Ok, one plus point of being a mixed. Nobody ever knows your race, and they don't know what language you speak.) Anyways, this seller turns to the friend and said (in Hokkien) "Charge them RM10 more! They are foreigners.. " Me having Hokkien speaking grandparents I was so shocked to see local's putting up an attitude like that. What a disgrace! So decided to NOT buy from them in the end.

So stupid la! I mean come on, if you think tricking tourists into buying your things are great. Like the tourism here in Malaysia would go down because of you greedy nut heads la! *argh*

Oh one thing that shocked me in Penang. THERE'S MASSIVE JAM THERE! Especially during lunch hours! That's why we decided to stayin the hotel most of the days there. But something funny to share. My watch was almost dying on me. Lover boy decided not to wear a watch fear of sun tan. We did not bring our phones out from our hotel rooms either because well, when sun tanning and being in the pool you don't want to loose it. So the only thing we had to tell us the time was my iTouch. It was so hillarious. My iTouch was 2 hours behind time. We actually went out for lunch at 4pm thinking it was 2pm. And ended up going to bed without dinner due to the full tummy. Hah!

Well I had a nice 1 week break then. I well deserved one too! HE deserved that break more than I did and I was glad he wanted to spend a little quality time with my loved ones back in my hometown Ipoh too. We had our fun. =) I wish it could have gone on for about a month or so.. but oh well.. Duty calls. (As always, you can never run from your work when your in a production house.)

Anyways if you guys wanna see more pics on this holiday. *Clickety Here* Till then.. More updates to come. Just hang in there and give me freaking time to post one by one ok!!


~* Clare Chiara *~