Nail Art - Shades of Blue

It's been months I have not gottenmy nails done! Finally got the chance to fix the horrid nails. This is the most simple nail art I've ever done. Highly recommended to those who are always on a rush like me.

Because blue is my favorite color. I took out 3 different shades of blue. (You can choose different shaded color, it does not have to be blue. So long as you pull out 3 different shades)

1. I cannot stress how important it is to apply the base coat. So start with that!

2. Begin with the lighter shade of the color of choice, create a half painted nail. Then use a black/ white/ silver to create a thin line so that the shades are obvious.

3. With a slightly darker shaded blue put another layer on top of the light blue. And like before draw a small thin line.

4. And lastly with the darkest shade of blue. It's the final coat. Don't forget the top coat! And your done!

So simple right? So have fun doing this simple and easy nail art.

~* Clare Chiara *~